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Your first option is to buy a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac. Google offers a number of pricing tiers starting at free for basic use, going.

Again, just after a month, maybe less, after I get them back from the shop,they stop playing. None of these fixes resolved the issue. I think the only way is to contact Apple. You can do a restart if you use time machine and have a backup, but I don't think this issue was only in El Capitan, but that is when I started having issues…. I tried this, having tried just about everything else I could find in the way of suggestions to fix the greyed-out sound control on my MacBook — the Components folder is empty? I can get sound via the headphone jack, not a squeak via the built-in speaker.

My loyalty to Apple is vanishing faster than ice-cream at a kids' party…. My problem was that i was listening to music on iTunes connected to a bluetooth sound-bar and then suddenly the bar closed. Now having an iMac with wireless keyboard and mouse makes you think how can you will do a restart after disable in it … here's what i did:.

Maybe your audio card went bad. I think that happened to my I tried all this stuff and nothing worked. I don't know much about this stuff, but my understanding is that fixing this would cost way too much to be worth it something about the sound card being welded to the hard drive or something. I don't know. If you can't watch videos, or they will only play for a few seconds probably the same thing happened to yours. Anyway what I ended up doing was just getting an external sound card from Amazon for like ten dollars and plugging an external speaker into it or using a bluetooth speaker.

The external speaker won't work at all without the sound card.

Still kind of a bummer to have to have a speaker and sound card with you, but the card is very small, and it's better than replacing your computer. Some of them are only like five dollars, but I would recommend one with a cord because the other ones will block your second usb port. I have used the "sudo killall coreaudiod" and it didnt work first time but when i tried it again it worked for some reason.

However, a few days later the issue recurred. I turned my mac on and it wasnt playying any audio through the speakers. I have used the "sudo killall coreaudiod" and it didn't work first time but when I tried it again it worked for some reason.

Mac OS X El Capitan: How To Fix Sound Not Working Problem

However, a few days later the issue recurred - I turned my mac on and it wasn't playing any audio through the speakers. And that it isn't muted? Test your speakers with other devices too. Try headphones with your Mac mini and see if you get the same problem. Maybe try searching for the problem in relation to your specific hardware? A last ditch attempt to fix the issue would be to back up with Time Machine and reinstall macOS you can hold down R during startup to launch Recovery Mode and then delete your partition using Disk Utility, and reinstall macOS from there.

The Mac Pro have 2 3. Problem is no matter what microphone I use, unable to get sound into Mac Pro through different mic's. I tried to install Soundflower v1. Now that Sierra has Siri I need to input sound. Is there an alternative to Soundflower. Or what do you suggest. Also no success with your LineIn, This problem has been with different versions of macOS over 2 years.

My setup: Whatever I do, the static bombs hits my audio of the display speakers after a few minutes.

How to Fix Audio and Sound Not Working on Mac

Really need those speakers Any other idea or solution? Well if you've followed all of the advice in the article, I can't really think what else to do. Maybe update to macOS Sierra and see if that fixes it? You could even try a full reinstall of the OS? Beyond this, if your laptop is from early then it may still be under warranty depending on where you bought it. Australia and EU have two years standard warranty, but if you got AppleCare then it's covered for 3 years anyway.

It might be worth taking it to Apple and getting them to have a look at it Now, with the simple command to kill and restart the core audio process, I have great sound on the work MacBook Pro, one again, Thanks! I had a very strange issue where sound through my Headset.

El Capitan no sound

I have an iMac, running Yosemite I was given a gift of a digital turntable which came with Audacity software version 2. I installed the software, started to follow the instructions for configuring it for Mac documentation was way out of date, the screen shots were for an earlier operating system and, before I knew it, all my sound was gone. I've tried trying to find fixes online.

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None of them have worked. Settings in Sound preferences are seemingly set up correctly. I've now deleted the software from the computer and restarted the computer with no change.

I've tried your suggestions up top of this article but Im a bit of a novice so am a little afraid of things like Terminal Windows. I just feel out of my depth here. Don't be afraid of Terminal, the commands above won't cause any harm to your computer. You should try them and see if they make any difference.

Did the digital turntable tell you to create an aggregate sound device by any chance? If nothing is working, ensure that your Speakers are selected as your primary Output device and that "Mute" isn't on obviously. Use the Terminal commands or just launch Activity Monitor to kill the coreaudiod process. It will restart automatically.

Check Your Sound Settings

Make sure your turntable isn't connected to your Mac any more also. If nothing else can help, it may be time to reinstall your operating system. Back up with Time Machine and an external drive, then have a look at this guide: Hello Tim, I am a complete novice at recording.

I need to have Windows on my Mac Pro for my work. I am trying to record on power point files on office I need to do a recording on each slide. This is working but when I replay the recording there is so much background buzz. It is terrible. I bought myself a set of the latest BOSE headphones with a speaker and tried this this morning but the buzz is still there.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make this sound more professional? Many thanks in anticipation. It sounds like the microphone is the issue in this case. Do you have multiple microphones connected to your Mac? Be sure to select the right one under Windows' sound preferences I can't remember where as it's been so long since I've used it.

Whenever you do connect the microphone you should make sure you select the right one as per the instructions above. Some microphones to consider: Optionally you could try recording the audio on a smartphone in a quiet environment, but do keep in mind the audio quality is likely to be poor too. Once complete you can just send the file to your computer and import it into PowerPoint. I am having troubles while using Skype on my iMac running El Capitan.

I use my internal speakers and have the noise reduction clicked. While I am talking there is a large amount of feedback. I can hear my own voice echoing through my brother's speakers in England and there is a ton of high pitched squealing. I've tried everything I can think of. While it might not be idea, headphones will solve this issue. It's possible that either you or your brother have your speakers too close to the microphone a common problem on laptops , which is causing the feedback problem.

As you say you can hear your own voice, it sounds like the problem is on your brother's side.

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Either use headphones or the Skype mobile app to chat as you would normally on the phone to solve this one. Ran into a strange problem today regarding input and output channels. Perhaps more strange, when also having headphones plugged into the headphone jack, while the input is also plugged in, the sound is booted from my headphones and played through the internal speakers? In the sound preferences, the "headphone" option disappears and automatically assigns itself back to the internal speakers.