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18 Foundation Hacks From 18 MAC Makeup Artists

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Which is the best MAC Foundation 12222?

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Actresses Emily Blunt, Michelle Yeo, Zoey Deutch are all fans of Dior Forever hour-wear, high-perfection foundation containing ultra-hydrating, antioxidant-loaded wild pansy and rose fruit extracts. The new Forever foundations come in two finishes: a velvet matte and a luminous glow. Saoirse Ronan and Rami Malek's makeup artists dish on their favorite red carpet foundations.


Ideal for everyday purposes, the cordless airbrush device is much easier and less clunky to use and store. The foundation formula is also spot-on—ultra-hydrating, but still long-lasting and now available in 24 shades. To get the most bang for your buck, grab this Amazon best-seller.

It comes with an airbrush compressor which is also ultra-quiet, we should add and brush, six different shades of foundation, plus a bronzer, blush, shimmer shade, and even an anti-aging primer to boot. Oh, and a cleaner for the machine, too.

Build Your M.A.C Bridal Makeup Kit (Price Included) from Scratch

Take a peek at some of the best matte foundations you can buy. Scoring an airbrushed effect is easier than ever with this spray-on base. For more sheer coverage, spray it onto a brush; for fuller coverage , hold it six to eight inches away from your face and spray on in circular motions. Want to take a look at some other options?

See our guide to the best foundations. Airbrushing is a great option for evening out the skin below your chin, given the buildable coverage and staying power.

This bronzing spray camouflages imperfections and leaves you looking perfectly sun-kissed.