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Your first option is to buy a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac. Google offers a number of pricing tiers starting at free for basic use, going.

These settings need to be modified manually or scripted.

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Solution: Clicking on Services in the Directory Utility and selecting the Active Directory service allows users to modify the settings used by the service to specify network protocols, custom attributes, and most importantly preferred domain servers, adding administrative security groups to manage the client or allowing authentication from any domain in the forest.

This is accomplished by simply check marking the entries you wish to modify and entering the relevant information. Causes: Changes in computer name are frequently attributed to changes in network access. Changes from one subnet to another will sometimes trigger a name change like this to prevent both desktops from going offline. Also, when desktops are bound to the domain, unbound and then rebound, they will sometimes cache the DNS information and rely on that during rebinding.

This can cause a newly renamed computer, say "MAC Solution: Check the computer name by going to System Preferences Sharing and verify that the computer name listed is the same as the name entered when the computer was bound to the domain. Additionally, clicking the Edit If these two entries are different as in the example above in the Causes section , then unbind the machine and modify the computer name and hostname so they are the same, reboot the computer, and then bind it again to Active Directory.

This should resolve any DNS-related issues to reflect the proper name -- both locally and on the directory server.

This is not, by any means, a comprehensive listing for troubleshooting Mac-AD connectivity issues. As with any software, the sad truth is that there are seemingly endless possibilities for certain products to malfunction or outright fail that make troubleshooting sometimes incredibly difficult. Troubleshooting is, in my opinion, a sacred art.

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It is what allows us to resolve the problems of the technical world around us without being a developer or an engineer for that specific product. At the same time, with product offerings, such as ADmitMac and Centrify , directly from developers and engineers and aimed directly at tackling such issues head on, perhaps a software-based solution is a better fit for the specific needs of your specialized network.

What other common troubleshooting tips and tricks do you recommend when working with Active Directory? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.

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Apple is moving away from OD so I would not invest the time. You will need to use an MDM to manage your machines like you would with group policies on the windows side.

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A free one is by Cisco Meraki. I have just over iMacs and iOS devices on ours and it has made life so much easier. You can add the machines via scripts or by hand. Just be aware that AD has limited machine name support so the mac machine names need to be under 8 long. I heard the magic triangle was not a great way to accomplish this.

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How have things changed with I hear Apple is now using profiles instead of MCX? Have you used this with I would not suggest this. Apple is moving away from the trinity setup. Built in, works great, and you're not reliant on a 3rd party for OS upgrades.

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Same thing goes for FileVault for encryption. May also want to look at putting Simian on top of Munki. Use DeployStudio to image your machines; should be able to automate the domain join, the MDM server join, etc. It's OS X so one image will work across basically every Mac gets rougher when you're dealing with Retina devices, may want to roll two images for drive size sake. If you're ever having issues connecting to SMB shares e.

Their SMB support has been spotty lately. This is very similar to our setup.

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We manage around OSX machines this way. Cheap, works well, and pretty straightforward, you just need to be OK using multiple tools for multiple jobs. However, that will only work until I reboot the Mac. Upon restart, the Network Account Server will be listed with a red dot " Any idea? Start Free Trial.

Do more with. View Solution Only. Verified Expert. Commented: Have you got any local accounts with the same username shortname as their network logins? Are you connecting through wired or wireless?

Pro tip: Fixes for common Active Directory connectivity issues on OS X

Author Commented: I tried both. Didn't seem to make a difference. I even tried to fiddle with some dsconfigad parameters, e. No, the AD users were unique.